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At St Columba’s we are committed to the education of the whole person: spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

We are a vibrant and active community and provide many opportunities for our students across a range of creative, sporting, academic and spiritual pursuits. It is our mission to grow as people who act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God.

State of the art learning set in the beautiful Blue Mountains

St Columba's Springwood Environment

Originally built as a seminary in 1909 St Columba's combines old sandstone buildings with first class, modern facilities that create a unique learning environment. The school itself also offers many attractive features including:

  • state-of-the-art learning facilities
  • comprehensive wireless coverage
  • extensive playing fields and courts, including a cross-country track
  • large agriculture plot
  • chapel
  • outdoor performance spaces

A proud tradition of academic excellence and student achievement

St Columba's Springwood Achievement

The outstanding performances of the students at the college are recognised at regional, state and national levels. From sporting teams winning state competitions to student selection for HSC exhibitions, the college offers opportunities for all gifts and talents to be recognised. Throughout their learning journey, students at St Columba's are encouraged to realise their potential thus creating a positive, learning environment.


A wide range of subjects to cater for the academic and vocational needs of our students

St Columba's Springwood Curriculum

Students have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of courses and subjects.

The curriculum is designed to foster in each student a love of learning and a desire to reach their full academic potential. It is a well balanced, diverse and flexible curriculum, allowing students to proceed at their own pace, accelerate if judged appropriate, and choose courses that allow them to consolidate their knowledge and skills.


Opportunities to nurture the gifts and talents of every student

St Columba's Springwood Additional Programs

We recognise that each child can and will learn and we ensure that the diversity of needs, interests and abilities of all students are met and their gifts developed. The students at St Columba's are always full of energy and ready to involve themselves in activities, such as:

  • the Duke of Edinburgh
  • debating
  • public speaking
  • leadership initiatives
  • a Social Justice Program
  • drama performance evenings
  • music evenings and productions
  • KLA competitions

A rich tradition of prayer and liturgy

St Columba's Springwood RE

As a community, we celebrate with a sense of the sacredness of people, time and space. Thhis religious dimension can be found in every part of school life. Meaningful prayer and liturgy, as well as participation in the Sacraments, nurture and give expression to the religious dimension of school life in the context of the Church’s celebration of the liturgical year. The College’s lona Chapel is a special space for staff and students to reflect and pray in groups or individually.

All students from Years 7 to 12 undertake Religious Education.


Preparing students to take their place in the world today

St Columba's Springwood Technology

Students at St Columba's Catholic College thrive in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment. They develop appreciation of our school expectations - respect, responsibility and personal best through daily social interaction and specific learning experiences. As a Catholic learning community we strive for the full human development of our students, grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ. In working to bring faith and culture into harmony, we aim to produce graduates who take a hopeful, critical and constructive role in the service of Jesus within our society.


Supporting those most in need

St Columba's Springwood Social Justice

The St Columba's Catholic College's Mission Statement challenges all to respond to Jesus' call to act out of justice, love and the humble service of God, recognising that awareness precedes action. Students are encouraged to develop and show active concern and care for themselves, their family, the community and global issues. Examples of our social justice initiatives include:

  • Project Compassion (Caritas Australia)
  • St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal and Christmas hampers
  • Ignite Food Bank (Jesuit Social Services)
  • Catholic Mission as well as
  • A range of student-led initiatives

Working in partnership

St Columba's Springwood Parents

At St Columba’s we value the partnership between the College, home and parish. This close relationship enhances the happy, caring atmosphere in the College and fosters our Catholic spirituality and sense of community. Communication with teachers is always encouraged and is facilitated through the use of a student diary, teacher interviews, open classroom days and information evenings. We invite parents and carers to contribute towards building community by contributing to the life of the College and its future hopes and dreams through volunteer roles.


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How To Enrol at St Columba's Springwood

With our strong focus on building academic excellence and providing opportunities to develop the gifts and talents of each student, St Columba’s Catholic College offers your child a quality Catholic secondary education.