Parent Resources

At St Columba's we value the relationships between students, staff and families. In recognising the dynamic nature of families, we know there will be times when we need extra help and support to ensure the positive development of the young people in our care.

Families can find a range of useful resources online. Listed below are some of the websites that offer specific suggestions and help to young people and their families.


esafety commissioner website, in particular:

Kids Helpline, in particular:


Bullying. No Way!


eSafety guide and help on 'parental controls'


We highly recommend that families don't turn any restrictions on until after the BYO device is enrolled in the Diocese's Intune management system and connected to our network, as some restrictions will block these initial processes.

Please note that we generally don't recommend removing access to all web browsers and the camera, as these would normally be used in class.

Also note, if you use the "limit adult content" some 'non-adult' sites will get blocked by mistake, but you can generally allow those sites when this happens one site at a time (through on screen instructions and the restriction password that the parent/guardian sets).

Some parents use the BYO device's restrictions to turn off the student's ability to install apps. This can be a good way to limit what apps are on the device (for example of you want to stop the child installing social media apps). Try to turn this on after the device is enrolling in Intune and connected to the College wifi. You may also have to turn this off once in a while to install newer apps for the child, just remember to turn the restriction back on after you have installed the new app for them.

For more information on 'Intune' please see the College's iPads and Technology page here.