St Columba’s Catholic College has a strong academic focus which is reflected in the results achieved in both external examinations and engaging learning programs.

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At the college, students are offered a rich co-curricular program which includes: sport, cultural pursuits, debating, public speaking, Tournament of the Minds, Lions’ Club Youth of the Year, social justice activities, Duke Of Edinburgh, drama and musical performances, assistance with Scripture classes in local government schools and involvement in Captivate initiatives. These activities provided a great opportunity to extend students’ learning and experiences outside the classroom.

The outstanding performances of the students at the college are recognised at regional, state and national levels. From sporting teams winning state competitions to student selection for HSC exhibitions, the college offers opportunities for all gifts and talents to be recognised.

We continued to implement changes to curriculum to meet the needs of students. Textbooks are increasingly being less relied upon for learning in Stages 4 and 5. The school used a variety of learning tools in the form of laptop computers, iPads, mobile devices and a range of educational web tools to engage students in the learning process.

This Learning section of our website contains information about our Religious Education, curriculum, careers, co-curricular activities and Library.

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Your Child's Learning Journey

We have a strong academic focus which is reflected in the results achieved in both external examinations and engaging learning programs. Find out how learning works at St Columba's Catholic College.



St Columba's Catholic College offers a broad curriculum that caters for a wide range of student interests and abilities. The curriculum is designed to foster in each student a love of learning and a desire to reach their full academic potential. Ideally it is well balanced, diverse and flexible, allowing students to proceed at their own pace, accelerate if judged appropriate, and choose courses that allow them to consolidate their knowledge and skills. Learn more...


Additional Programs

St Columba's Catholic College strives to provide a rich and diverse range of programs to engage students in their learning. Learn more...


Religious Education

St Columba’s Catholic College has a rich tradition of prayer and liturgy and all Year 7 to 12 students undertake the Religious Education program, 'Sharing our Story'. Learn more...


Assessment and Curriculum Resources

St Columba's has a number of assessment and curriculum related resources that students and their families need to access regularly. Visit this page often to access assessment handbooks, calendars and textbook lists.


Career Information Centre

Our aim is to provide students with all the latest information to help make decisions about their future career and life beyond school. Senior students of St Columba's Catholic College can browse the information on this page detailing career research, University & TAFE, traineeships and apprenticeships, FAQs and private colleges.


Expectations of Students

Students at St Columba's Catholic College thrive in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment. They develop appreciation of our school expectations - respect, responsibility and personal best through daily social interaction and specific learning experiences. Learn more...


iPads and Technology for Learning

Technology is creating and shaping our present and our future. Explore our use of iPads and Information and Communication Technology. For students to become independent, collaborative and self-motivated learners, they need to be skilled in its use and applications in their daily social and working lives. Learn more...


Library Resources

CSPD school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading. They provide access to a range of resources that help kids on their Learning journey and help inspire purposeful learning. Find out more...



Numerous opportunities exist for students to display their gifts and talents in one or more of the sport. Find out more...