St Columba's Catholic College offers a broad curriculum that caters for a wide range of student interests and abilities.

The curriculum is designed to foster in each student a love of learning and a desire to reach their full academic potential. Ideally it is well balanced, diverse and flexible, allowing students to proceed at their own pace, accelerate if judged appropriate, and choose courses that allow them to consolidate their knowledge and skills.

Our school strongly values the development of the whole person. As a Catholic school, faith development is of high importance. As part of this development, all students undertake a course in Religious Education each year.

The school has devised a curriculum structure that delivers to students a solid knowledge and skill basein a broad range of subjects during Year 7 & 8.

Years 7 & 8








In Year 7, students will study subjects in the following Key Learning Areas:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Technology
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

These Key Learning Areas are continued in Year 8, with the addition of studying Languages Other Than English.

Stage 4 Curriculum Map



Years 9 & 10








During Year 9, each student undertakes a range of mandatory and elective subjects to further develop knowledge and skills in the Key Learning Areas. In Year 10, students continue this pattern of study, leading to the award of the Record of School Achievement (ROSA) credentialed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Stage 5 Curriculum Map


Years 11 & 12





During Years 11 & 12, students are able to select a pathway of study that leads to the awarding of the Higher School Certificate by the NSW Education Standards Authority. In the past, the Higher School Certificate (HSC) was structured to prepare students for university only. Today, the HSC has many purposes and the recent HSC reforms have structured courses to meet changing demands and the different expectations of the wide range of students going on to the HSC. Our students are able to select a pathway of study that prepares them for university, TAFE, or the workplace.

St Columba's Catholic College aims to offer a variety of educational experiences to a diverse range of students. The School recognises the importance of offering different pathways of study and a broad range of subjects catering for the academic and vocational needs of our students. There are different types of courses that students can select in Years 11 and 12.

These courses are known as:

  • Board Developed Courses
  • Board Endorsed Courses
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) Courses
  • TVET
  • Distinction Courses
Stage 6 Curriculum Map