Library Resources

CSPD school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading.

They provide access to a range of resources that help kids on their Learning journey and help inspire purposeful learning.

Through access to our library resources and services, students develop a range of learner dispositions and capabilities to cultivate a culture of curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovation.

Our physical library

St Columba's Springwood Library 1
St Columba's Springwood Library 2
St Columba's Springwood Library 3


The St Columba's College library is open from 8:20am every school day including recess and lunch and is available for:

  • research and study
  • small group work
  • recreational reading
  • learning preparation and assignment tasks
  • technology loans
  • printing / photocopying


The library has two colour/ BW printers available for students.

For printing we use a system called Papercut which students can log in with their normal username and password, at Students will be able to see how much credit they have on their Papercut account. Student accounts start with $0 on them.

Students wanting to use the colour printers in the library need to put credit onto their Papercut account. They can do this by buying cards in the value of $2 and $5 at reception, and then going to the Papercut site and redeeming the card there.

Students can now print from their iPads while at school, as long as they have credit on their Papercut account.

Students should only print to library printers when they are in the library and are not to leave class to pick up material they have printed.

Lastly, as per the assessment handbooks, the staff handbook and other sources "the use of College facilities on the due date for the printing/ finalising of assessment tasks is not permitted."


Games, Puzzles & Cards

The College library is happy to lend the students a board game, chess set or deck of cards.  There is always a jigsaw puzzle in progress and we invite all students to come to the library and contribute to it.


eLibrary is the digital gateway to the range of quality online resources that encourage and enhance reading and support inquiry learning.

The College eLibrary catalogue will provide details of all resources that are held at the College.  This is also where students can access a wide range of eBooks & audiobooks. Students should have a link to the College catalogue on their iPads.

Access the College eLibrary


All students have access to ClickView which is a video learning application allowing students access to a wide range of curriculum related video material that assists with their learning.  Students can access ClickView from the College as well as from home by logging in with your College user name and password.

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Online Subscriptions

  • Good Reading magazinegood-reading-icon
  • A place where you can express your ideas and thoughts and to share your creativity in words, art, film or music. This journal is always looking for articles, reviews and images to publish each month. If you are interested, please see the staff in the College library.