Compass Parent Portal

We'd like to welcome parents and guardians to our Compass Parent Portal, a new way to engage with our College community.

The Parent Portal allows you to;

- Find out about school news and events
- View your child’s timetable
- Review your child’s attendance
- Provide explanations for periods of absence
- Update your contact details


Accessing and logging in

As of 9-6-20, parents and guardians should have already received an email containing their username and password for Compass.

If you forget your username or password for Compass, you can click on "Can’t access your account?" on the log in page.

It is important to keep your username and password secure. They should not be shared with anyone, including your own children.

You can access our portal by visiting


Changing your password

The first time you log in you’ll be required to change your password. Follow the onscreen prompts to proceed.


Additional features

Additional features will be enabled progressively during this year. We hope these features will include;

- Downloading and viewing semester and progress reports
- Downloading school forms and guides
- Viewing upcoming excursions and events

We will let you know about new features via a news item in the portal as they become available.


More information

Please be aware that the link in the SMSs sent to parents/ guardians only works for 48 hours.

We have a booklet for parents for Compass here.

There is also a Compass Parent Portal Support site.