2022 HSC High Achievers Awards

After our Opening School Mass we celebrated the achievement of our top performers in the 2022 Higher School Certificate (HSC). These students have achieved Band 6’s across numerous subjects in the HSC, meaning that they have achieved a combined school assessment and HSC examination mark of 90 and above. Some were recognised for their outstanding major works in various practical fields such as art, music, woodwork and some have achieved ATAR’s for university above 90, placing them in the top 10% of all students in NSW. Each individual has shown commitment, perseverance, dedication and enthusiasm to achieve excellence in their HSC.

College Dux - Pang Ying Koh

Congratulations to the following High Achievers

 Ruby Bentvelzen
Sebastian Boucher   Benjamin Boyer
 Haig Buckingham
 Niamh Canning
 Cailtyn Clements
 Jasmine Cook
 Emma Craig
 Sarah Darby
 Even Davey
 Ethan Dempsey
 Ellie Djundja
 Marius Edmonds
 Curtis Glassford
 Zofia Hammond
 Charlotte Harris
Joshua Harrison
 Pang Ying Koh
 Emilia Konstantinoff
 Alaina McDonald
 Holly McIlveen
 Rose Miall
 Stefani Michaleris
 Neress Muradian
 Joshua Phillips
 Nathan Press
 Oliver Rizzuti
 Thomas Rizzuti
 Andy Rogers
 Mark Rubelj
 Taleah Rust
 Lachlan Steadman
 Adam Sypka
 Lauren Walford
 Aylssia Zagarella
 William Zammit